Have you noticed, that the SAME LIBERALS, the one’s who oppose Christian events, who oppose Christmas, who support abortion, who support sexual perversion and same sex marriages, who support liberalized drug laws, are the people destroying the American family unit, the supporters of the Liar in Chief, Barrack Hussien Obama, and are also the same people who lie and distort the events of the War for Southern Independence.

These people are assisting in the dismantling of our corps of military officers, disciplining them if that do not adopt the Liberal political policies of the left wing progressives, weakening our military and doing the same to our schools, police departments and other important parts of our American society. I know that their are only (2) sources of human inspiration, from either Satan or from God, from the place of evil and darkness or from goodness and light. It is absolutely clear to me, the liberal mind is one being affected, primarily by Satan. All they do, is designed to undo christian values, functions, traditions, and what is good. They want the good replaced with evil acts, as the millions of little babies are being murdered every year across America. Is is any wonder then, when you try to explain to those people, Jimmy Dick, Brooks Simpson, Corey Meyer, Kevin Levin, Andy Hall, Al Mackey, B.Parks, and others who refuse to be truthful about the war and what happened.

They absolutely refuse to accept that the primary reasons for that awful war was to prevent states rights, and to prevent the economic loss to the Federal government. These Liberals, will say again and again, it was all about slavery, hey, Ken Burns said so, that makes it good enough for them. Ken Burns, or Joe Smoe, does not change the facts, so Liberals, you will not change the facts, you will only invigorate me and millions more to stand up against you and to resist all the evil you stand for. General Robert E. Lee and most Confederate leaders were men of faith, not the devil bastards like Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Hunter, Burnside, Butler, Merritt, and many others who deliberately lied, deliberately ordered houses and farms of civilians, to be burned and destroyed, deliberately looted and stole personal property, deliberately attacked and wounded, maimed and murdered, civilians, men, women and children, deliberately destroyed churches, schools, warehouses, places of business, and did so many other barbaric acts in the guise of war. This was uncivilized, it was evil, and this is what Liberals stand for.

Readers, stand up for America, stand up for the Heritage of our Confederate ancestors, resist Liberals, resist democrats, seek Gods blessings and do all you can, to help save America before it is to late,