Corey Meyer and his band of Liberal friends, B. Parks, Jimmy Dick, Al Mackey, Simpson, and others, regularly distort and lie about the Virginia Flaggers and other Southern people honor and recognize their Southern
Confederate Heritage. They condemn the Flaggers, and call them Ne- Cons, Racist, bigots and other names. This group of Liberals has no interest in the truth, and camouflage their real objective, and that is they are Southern Haters, they cast dispersions on anything that happened during the War For Southern Independence that illustrates the deliberate Murder of Southern Civilians, the looting and stealing of Southern civilians, and the rape of Southern women by Northern soldiers, as not true, when it is true. Lincoln and his military leaders decided in September of 1863, over half way through the war, to try a new strategy, to release the slaves. WHY, not because they loved black people, NO, IT WAS FOR THE PURPOSE TO HOPE THAT THE RELEASED BLACKS WOULD KILL THEIR FORMER OWNERS, DESTROY SOUTHERN PROPERTY, CASE MAYHEM IN THE SOUTH, AND TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL MANPOWER TO THE NORTHERN ARMY AS THE PRIMARY REASONS. GAINING PUBLIC SUPPORT IN THE NORTH FOR THE WAR WAS ANOTHER REASON. LINCOLN AND HIS GENERALS, SHERMAN AND OTHERS DELIBERATELY PLANNED A STRATEGY, TO DESTYROY THE PRIVATE HOMES, BARNS, FARM EQUIPMENT, TAKE THEIR PERSONAL LIVESTOCK, HORSES, WAGONS, GUNS, AND TO DESTROY THE BARNS, AND FOOD STORES. THE FEDERAL ARMY DELIBERATELY ORGINIZED AND CARRIED OUT CANNON BOMBARDMENTS INTO SOUTHERN TOWNS AND CITIES, KNOWING THE HOUSES, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES, AND OTHER BUILDINGS AND STREETS WERE OCCUPIED BY WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND OTHER CIVILIANS AND WERE NOT MILITARY FACILITIES, YET THEY DID THEIR DIRTY KILLINGS AND THESE THINGS ARE BOTH MURDER, AND ARE WAR CRIMES.
Corey Meyer, Dick, Parks, Hall, Simpson, Mackey and others that are in the Liberal blog group do not want you to know this, so they change the narrative by attacking the Virginia Flaggers, andso it is clear, these little men and women, have no integrity or honor about them, or they would not say the things that they do.