Than you Susan Hathaway and all of your associates and supporters and all those people who contribute and helped get the I-95 Confederate Battle Flag flying so proudly along I-95 North bound in Chesterfield, County, go online or at the address below, andor start your own Flag group, just do something positive for the honor of our Southern traditions and ancestors.

Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Payable to Va Flaggers

or through PayPal:

This another example of how good American citizens, people who cherish their Southern Heritage can demonstrate their respect and Love in a responsible way. This flag will fly for Millions to see, as they pass it as they travel I-95 North Bound into Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is a very historical city, once the home of President Jefferson Davis and his family, who of course are all buried at Hollywood cemetery in Richmond, as are thousands of our brave Confederate soldiers and sailors and others, and like the need for the Virginia Flaggers to raise money and to do many hard hours of work by many to get this flag constructed, others such as those at the Museum of The Confederacy in Richmond, and those who manage the Confederate Pelam Chapel, on the grounds of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, have been taking down the Confederate Battle Flag, to satisfy their political Liberal friends, and so we need to do more, much more to counter these actions and to show our individual love of our Southern Heritage.

I today have no yet installed a flag pole and have yet raised a Confederate Battle flag at my home, but it will happen over the next two months, and I urge all of you to do this also, and to fly the flag continuously from now on, and show support for our ancestors

I urge those of you who have the funds, and I know many of you who are students of the South, those that know the truth, to please contact Susan, or members of the Virginia Flaggers and raise more money to add new,  Bigger, taller flag poles and flags on I-95 South-bound side in Henrico or Hanover County, and also on I-64 coming into Richmond from the West and from the East,

As we fly this glorious flag,  as a symbol, not of slavery, not of racism, not in support of the KKK or any such group, as we do not support these groups, as this flag was flown by the brave Confederate States Army and Navy in various variations as they fought Lincoln and his Northern Invaders.Fly this flag in memory of our Southern traditions, and to defend our honor against those Marxist Liberals in our society that want to remove God and any Christian values from our midst. They are trying to erase our true history as it shows them in the darkness that they supported in their destructive efforts, it is time to turn things around.

Just as Obama and the many Liberals in Washington, DC, they are in Richmond, and they mean to Lie or do whatever it takes to confuse and distort the history of our Southern States. They try to pit us as anti-black, when Lincoln and most Northerners were so anti-black, and want the blacks out of the North as fast as they could make it happen. Today, these perverts, and liars want you to Lincoln was a great man, and we, The Southern people started the war, and that Lincoln did not send armed soldiers into our Southern states, states that wanted to no longer be in the Union, and they entered these states illegally, and they burned houses and barns of civilians, not military targets, stole the livestock, looted the peoples personal property, and later bombarded cities filled with homes, schools and churches, in cities such as Petersburg, Va., Atlanta, Ga., Charleston, SC., Vicksburg and Corinth Mississippi, and many other towns and cities where thousands of women and children were killed in their homes.

Support and defend America, and support and defend our Southern Heritage and history.