America’s youth and American History

I have been and remain a critic of the lack of American’s born after  1960 – 65, in so far as being competent in the basic subjects, Math, Geography, and History.

As to the years that have passed since that time, the problem has been exacerbated with the fact that the students each year are moving into positions such as teachers, and are now teaching kids subjects that the teacher is deficient in.

So as the teachers are progressively more and more deficient in history, geography, and such, and the fact that more and more liberals are becoming teachers, school board members, state law makers and are eliminating history books, geography books and various fundamental courses once taught to America’s youth, as well as the elimination of school prayer and other previous programs that once strengthened the character of our youth, ‘the students become less and less competent, and, less able to defend the lie’s and errors presented by those who wish to erase and or alter the facts about America’s past.

As I stated in numerous papers, today we are having a crisis on many fronts, citizens unprepared to be equipped to defend America’s past as they are not knowledgeable to do so and at the same time we have the left stacking American traditions and culture and fewer and fewer Americans capable and or willing to defend it.

I was alive and very much aware of the stated facts and the , news day after day, decade after decade of the JFK assignation . I have read many books, studied this event along with the Murder of officer J. D. Tippit and can tell you that as time has elapsed, the facts are being altered and as people and evidence had disappeared, who will stand up for history, that is, to maintain the truth. The assassination of Lincoln is more factual and correctly told today than the JFK assassination, if you discount the accused John Wilkes Booth so called Co- conspirators. This area of history is faulty in a number of areas, but not in the facts as to who actually shot Lincoln.  Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK  and J.D. Tippet Assassination, is quite another story, confusion, distortions, cover-ups, lies, mistakes, and so on totally leave the final conclusion in doubt., no one really knows who all did what, when and how.

I mention these things because they reflect all the parts and pieces of a society that when technology and the character of our citizens change, and they do change, the facts then also get changed, which should never happen.

The character of American youth is being changed by many forces, technology, videos, social media, lies from those who have opposite agendas not the truth, evil influences which God had warned us to be aware of , the dilution of traditional born in America citizens being watered down by legal and illegal immigration.

So, those of us who have an affection to stand behind the truth, the facts surrounding the War to Stop Southern secession, and truth, versus those today who are altering this history and who are attacking it for evil reasons politically, are sooner rather than later leaving the planets living and as we go I do not think we will be replaced.

So, it is likely that what I am writing may be pointless and of no real usefulness other than to satisfy me, in feeling a bit like I am trying to resist those attackers of American history, so perhaps someone who reads this will take up the fight.

I urge all American youth to stretch yourself, be aware of lies, and oppose them, and to do this you must know the truth.

American Youth and History

Not too long ago I wrote a paper about the all encompassing subject of our typical American who was born after 1960 or about that time. I and many others who live on the planet and who have worked along side these up and coming American citizens, have noticed a terrible trend. A lack of what was once common fundamental knowledge of many subjects. They lack knowledge of our American history. They lack knowledge on how our American government functions as well as the Key people who run our state and federal government.  Do you have a 16 to 25 year old in your home. Ask them what the front end of a ship’s hull is called. Ask them who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Which is the Largest American state. What is the Capital of Alaska. And add a few more, how many ounces in a gallon, the typical weight of a loaf of bread. I am a Southerner, I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and I am thankful for this. When I attended elementary school, we had a history book on Virginia, It had maps and dates and facts about Jamestown, American Indians, the Revolutionary war, The Civil War or as I refer to it, The War to Stop Southern Secession and Independence. We had World geography, and other subjects of course. We as we grew up into teen age years were informed about the need to get prepared for life. We needed to get all the skills we could to either enter a college with a plan of action to get the training for a specific field of work, or we needed to get a job,  including one that had no specific skills above a standard education, with no assurances beyond that. Of course most students had a mother or father or both generally, we had friends in most cases, we learned how to read and read well, we could do math, and we knew about trades and trade schools, helper jobs that led to training in such areas as Carpentry, Brick masons, Electricians, plumbing, and so on.  In addition, most boys learned things about automobiles, mechanical repairs from their dad, lawn mowers, plus of course we all were bicycle mechanics. We patched and or replaced tires, inner tubes, wheels, chains, pedals and we lubricated our bikes. We used no bike repair shops. We built wooden frame carts, with roller bearing wheels we obtained from someplace, and rolled down the hills on roads that we should not have, then pulled it back up the hill and did it again. We had common sense, we could actually do something, we used our dads saw’s, hammers, nails, screws, paint and paint brushes, and yes got in hot water for some of this, but we learned things, we had ambition. We also had someone encouraging us forward, I just see very little of this anymore, they are put into childcare, the school care, and off they go.

As the writer of a new book out about American As adults (Senator Ben Sasse), or the lack of such, he states and I so agree, kids and young adults are fragile, most are overweight, and take tons more medicines than any past generation.


I am not opposed to having a percentage of females in our Armed Forces, but only in specific non noncombat positions. I am opposed to Transexuals being allowed to be in our military, PERIOD.

But back to our weak young people, the ones who have had the Most money ever spent on them at all school levels yet the do not perform at any remarkable level. What I mean by this is that with the money spent on education they should rank in the top 5 in the leading civilized worlds countries , but in fact In history, they are failures, in Geography, they are failures, In math failures, they are not in the top 5, or the top 10, or the top 15, it is shameful.

Part of the problem is Teachers Unions, School boards, led by liberals. They protect useless incompetent teachers and administrators. Part of the problem is the PARENTS, WHO ARE INCOMPETENT, BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB, OR ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND ON DRUGS, SERIOUS WATCHERS OF THE KARDASHIAN WHORES, AND ALLOW THE KIDS TO GO ALONG HOWEVER THEY WISH.

We do not teach SELF RELIANCE, no on seems to be guiding our college students, far too many are in Liberal schools being trained not to be self reliant American Adults, but the next protesters we see on tv burning down the establishment, as they demand free education, medicine, welfare, jobs with no requirements for dress codes, skills, embedded jewelry, tattoos, and body odor not restricted, with high salary, few hours, and no demands by management. Brick masons, Plumbers, Carpenters, Steel Workers and Welders, ARE YOU KIDDING, NOT THESE LOSERS.


I first felt the pain of the History less Morons in our midst, but oh no, it is much worse than just history, they know little about anything.

So if you are 60 or there about’s, have children or grandchildren, you test them a bit and please comment as to your findings, see what they know about gasoline safety, social security, self reliance, Capitalism, Liberalism, nature, and so on. I would love all of you to tell me I am totally wrong, so be honest, I await your findings.





Southern Desecration – Lincoln & Liberals

I am no writer, I have no training in this subject, and do what I do only as I feel compelled to speak out on people or topics that I feel have been or are harmful to America and our future as a civil, free nation. So if my statements are not structured or diagrammed correctly, please understand what I just stated. My background was Electrical, with much history embedded along the way, not grammar, English or writing.

I began this site as a opposition to groups and individuals who I feel have a purpose in the erasure, or alteration of the history and of the facts relating to all aspects concerning the so called Civil War, War Between the States and my particular term, The War To Stop Southern Secession or Southern Independence. Regardless of what you call it, most are aware of the war if you are between 12 and 90 and were born and attended school here in America, or at least I assume this is true.

Their are many different points of view as to why their was a war, the reasons, who started it, how it could have been prevented from happening,  and what happened during this war. Here again, I am assuming that most of  the American citizenry, has an opinion, and many have opinions based on opinions, with no factual backup. When we make opinions about history, it is quite nice if they are accurate, and not just some guess you come up with after having drank too much buttermilk or some other liquid that affects your judgement or thinking.

I am not going to dive into all of my positions on all aspects of that terrible war, but I am going to touch on one aspect. Why, Why did Lincoln and many of his officers in the Union army, stoop so low as to make the war about all things evil when it involved Southern civilians, Southern Property, including personal property and valuables owned by civilians, stores, churches, schools, homes, farms, farm equipment, food stores, and all similar non combatant people and things were targets by many Union soldiers.

Some of you have read many articles on the war, and many books, but I suspect that far too many of you are so biased that facts no longer matter. If the facts are supporting what I have stated, you likely gloss over them. I live about 75 miles from Richmond,  60 miles from Cold Harbor, 70 Miles from Petersburg, 70 miles from Fredericksburg, and 150 miles from Appomattox, so all I am saying is I not only live close to many battlefields, I have been to many in Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Maryland and Pennsylvania, battle sites and historic places. Many other places I have been to are also imortant, but little is mentioned of them. I have been to many old Southern homes, burned down by Union troops, I have seen towns, and Churches, destroyed and desecrated by Union troops. 35 miles from my home in New Kent County, Virginia stands Saint Peters Episcopal Church. St. Peters Parish Church was established in New Kent April 29, 1679, This old church was built in 1701-1703.

On Jan. 6, 1759, Col. George Washington married Martha Dandrige-Custis in this very place. General Robert E. Lee’s wife, was the grandaughter of Martha Dandridge-Custis, so in 1862 when Federal troops were in the area they allowed no less than 30 horses to stay inside the church as a barn after pews were removed, Soldiers carved and wrote on the walls, carved names AND PICTURES INTO THE WOOD, AND HORSES POOPED AND URINATED INSIDE THIS GREAT OLD SACRED CHURCH, AMONG OTHER DESECRATION. THIS WAS ROTTEN BY ANY CIVIL STANDARD.

The Northern army was not led by gentlemen, officers had no problem with their men doing nasty, evil things against any Southern place, nor did they respect the private property of Southern civilians. Many Southern women were assaulted by Northern soldiers.

So while I read and learn about the facts as to slavery, Lincoln, the battles, the politics, I also note the character of the participants, and what comes clearly into focus is the nature of the man, Lincoln, and the Lincoln led army. They acted with evil. They, not every officer, not every soldier, but in general, as a force, they were crude barbarians who acted uncivil, mean, and with extreme mean natures, not found in decent people.

Today we see this with ISIL, and with so many others who are in power in todays world and in governments from the past, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy, to name a few did these same things in the past. America, other than the ” War To Stop Southern Independence ” was primarily fought by men who were under strict codes of conduct, and rapes, robbery, and theft and directed harm to non combatant civilians was not authorized as a means of warfare. Again, not to say that no soldier violated the law and the rules, as we always have the lawbreaker in our midst, but these things were not the norm, but under Lincoln, against fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS IN THE SOUTHERN STATES THEY WERE ALLOWED.

So I find this the blackest mark in American history, dealing with all the issues America has faced, the Lincoln led army against the South was the worse action of all. Now today we have a continuum, a new war that is being waged by left wing supporters of liberal causes, who no longer respects the ballot box, or the law or common decency. These people are the most ill educated of all American generations so far when it comes to Christian spirit, decency, law abiding, and ethics. They have little if any respect for those things that indicate character of a person. The left, wants what they want no matter what. This started with many black groups and remains so and has grown into a larger group from Bernies supporters to democrats and anti conservatives, anti- trump socialists. They thought Hillary or Bernie would win the election and then give them free everything, we would have a small or no military at all, free medical coverage, free education, open borders free sex, gays everywhere, less laws, more illegal drugs made legal, more abortions, more free drug clinics, less law enforcement, more welfare, and how this was going to be paid for, why the Government can pay for it, no problem. These Morons have no clue, had none then, have none now, they or delusional when it comes to economics, when it comes to morality, when it comes to truthfulness, when it comes to Christianity, decency, working and self reliance is not in their existence or a reality they agree with.

The time is fast approaching when lawlessness will be a major crisis, and Americans will be in danger, especially in the cities of America. These people are enraged with President Trump and Republicans, conservatives, and almost anyone not a democrat or a liberal minded or socialist minded person. This is getting bad. WE now today have several Liberal groups taking on gangland status, forming large groups of people who are anarchists.They will become violent in time, similar to the Underground anti-American groups of the 60’s, but more capable with today’s cell phone and internet  to mass operate in very dangerous ways.

We, the civil minded, the law obeyors, the non Liberals, will need to be vigilant, and while I have always practiced” BE PREPARED ” I suggest this to you. Be armed and be trained with firearms. Be lawful, but just know tomorrow may be violent, and you may have to defend yourself and family, so just wake up to this possibility.

Do pay attention to your elections, please do not give votes to left wing liberals, do not vote for supporters of abortion, of socialism, of open borders, of political correctness, support free and FAIR trade, support capitalism, self reliance, their is no free lunch, we must be productive and work for our wealth, not expect the government to provide us a live of luxury, so vote for conservative honest people, in your city, state and national elections. Disaster will come if you fail to do this.


Charlottesville’s Liberals and the KKK

It was unfortunate that some KKK group came to Charlottesville Virginia this past Saturday July 8th. While I appreciate the point they were protesting, that is the efforts by the Liberals on the City Council who have been working hard to erase American history.

The local Liberal mayor, Mike Signer, Liberal left wing activist Councilwoman  Kristen Szakos, Liberal councilman Wes Bellamy and councilman Bob Fenwick, have been working hard to take Charlottesville Virginia as far left as they can.

They have been trying to get the beautiful and historic statute of General Robert Edward Lee on his horse Traveler, REMOVED FROM THE CITY, along with changing the name of ” Lee park ” to some other name. All of these things and more are all part of the Left Wing Liberals in our midst who are trying to erase the history of the fact that President Abraham Lincoln, did in fact, in 1861 INVADE AMERICAN STATES WITH FEDERAL TROOPS AFTER SOUTH CAROLINA LEGALLY VOTED AND PASSED A STATE DECISION TO SECEDE FROM THE UNITED STATES. Now argue amongst yourselves all about who fired on Fort Sumter, and who tried on several attempts to have a meeting with President Buchanan with president elect Lincolns knowledge of this and his consent not to meet with South Carolina’s state delegation concerning payment for all Federal land and facilities in the state of South Carolina  as well as South Carolina’s portion of the National Debt at that time. The Federals refused all attempts to meet, to negotiate, to prevent any bloodshed, and to prevent a war that killed and maimed more than 650,000 AMERICANS.


So today across America, we have Liberals, Evil Liberals, who worm their way into our Federal, state and local governments, Universities, public schools, museums, and similar institutions where change of history is within their reaches. They are having statutes and monuments removed, books removed, subjects omitted from history classes, flags banned, holidays changed, names of roads, building and parks renamed, all in the grand scheme of local history being altered. But Know This, IT WILL NOT STOP HERE.

Sooner or later General and later President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, and many , many others will be castigated and thrown into the waste bins by the Evil ones if good people do not stand up. So the KKK group from North Carolina was right in their main point in protesting the removal of the Lee Statute, it is just a shame they came as their reputation has been shamed with so many violent and unlawful acts in many places across the South, I am not saying those North Carolina people have been involved with any of those past things, I am saying, today, the KKK is not an acceptable group because of it’s past actions, but as the law goes, they had every right to be in Charlottesville, Va., they have the same rights as you and I, LET’S NOT FORGET THAT.

As I have been saying, and I assume that most of you know, the Liberals are behind all the towns and cities who support illegals, and sanctuary city status, as Charlottesville and it’s Liberal mayor are also getting sanctuary city status to Thomas Jefferson’s once beautiful, peaceful old town, where his creation, the University of Virginia is now a hotbed of Liberal faculty and students as are most Universities in America, yes, MOST ARE FILLED WITH LIBERALS, AND THE STUDENTS ARE EATING IT UP AND BECOMING LIBERAL AS A RESULT. TODAY, I SUGGEST CARE, EXTRA CARE IF YOU HAVE A CHILD OR GRANDCHILD LOOKING TO COLLEGE, CONSIDER A TRADE, EVEN ONE TIME WEIRDO ALBERT EINSTEIN, WHO RAMBLED FROM PACIFIST TO WISHING HE WERE YOUNG ENOUGH HIMSELF TO  TAKE UP ARMS AND FIGHT ONCE HE SAW THE DESTRUCTION AND DEATH AT THE HANDS OF GERMAN NAZIS.

So, don’t send your son or daughters to become evil Liberal thinking anti God Americans, as this is the case across America, it is a large problem, and growing daily.

WHY IS THIS Happening. Many reasons I suppose. Once WW-2 began, women went to work, children went to be raised by others, then childcare systems came along in the late 50’s, and with no war, the economic ratchet once moved never swings back, what one worker could provide a family now take two, Dad and Mom working, and the children get less wisdom and training from parents, more comes from strangers, and the teachers, who teach our children what ever they wish. So generation by generation, now since WW-2, nearly 4 generations of Americans have been raised this way, and the problems rise accordingly.

So my friends, it is not a Confederate problem, it is not a Southern problem, it is a Liberal problem, and not only our history is being erased, our very morals are being erased, our immigration laws have been ignored for 25 years or more, and we have in our nation so many who hate our culture and our way of life. Our Military has so many weirdo’s who can hardly speak a sentence in English, plus the homosexual, the PC invaders, the various weirdo sexual individuals who are weakening the military with sex related amendments to accommodate people in training and jobs, and not using the best qualified people as we used to do, we are sacrificing our military might, weakening it with personnel in the enlisted and officer ranks who are sub-par people.

So across America, in governments, in schools, in our military, in religious groups, we have been infected with Liberals, and we may be in greater numbers, we as a society are too dumb, too lazy, too busy doing dumb things with our time, taking too many drugs, and not paying any attention to these issues as we must before it is too late.

The recent 2016 election was a near miss, as I believe that GOD gave us a second chance to save America, and while we all would like to tell our president to chill on some of his tweets, the fact is that he is trying very, very hard to do good things that we need to be done to restore economic and military strength, as well as to end illegal immigration and to slow the drug flow a bit, we, you and I must take a bigger role in voting for conservatives and to vote out the Liberals. THEY CANNOT GET INTO KEY POSITIONS IF WE DO NOT ELECT THEM, SO DO NOT ELECT ANY DEMOCRAT, ANY LIBERAL, SOCIALIST, MARXISTS, COMMUNISTS, AND PS:, THEY WILL STOP TELLING YOU THEY ARE ONE OF THOSE GROUPS SOONER OR LATER, A LIE OF COURSE, SO YOU NEED TO SEE EVIDENCE OF THEIR PAST TRACK RECORD, WHO WERE OR ARE THEIR SUPPORTERS AND FRIENDS, THEY WILL COME DRESSED A WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, SO LOOK INTO THE GARMENTS OF THEIR PAST, DO NOT BE FOOLED, WE MUST NOT ELECT LIBERALS, WE MUST NOT ELECT DEMOCRATS AND IN MOST CASES THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAM,E, SO PASS ON BOTH LABELS.


Witless: Unhinged Charlottesville Mayor Signer pushes for Sanctuary City status

| January 29, 2017 | 6 Comments


On January 31, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer will instruct Charlottesville’s City Manager, Maurice Jones, to advise City Council on becoming a “Sanctuary City.”

Announced yesterday by the leftist political action group known as “Charlottesville Clergy Collective,” Mayor Signer also will host a press conference entitled, “Pride in Pluralism”:

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer to Make Major Announcement on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

Joined by Khizr Khan, Faith, Community Leaders in Celebrating “Pride in Pluralism”

On Tuesday, January 31, Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville will be joined at a press conference at City Hall by Charlottesville community, faith, and business leaders to proclaim Charlottesville’s “Pride in Pluralism” and to declare that the historic city, home to Thomas Jefferson, is the “Capital of the Resistance” in the Trump Era. Signer and the other speakers will issue a call to action for anyone concerned about the fear, division, and uncertainty that have resulted from President Trump’s draconian executive orders. Signer called on all community members interested in these issues to join the event.

Charlottesville is home to a major office of the International Rescue Committee and to hundreds of political refugees who have fled oppression in their home countries for the safety and security of American democracy. In recent days Mayor Signer has met with Muslim residents of Charlottesville including translators for the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iranian dissidents, and Syrian political refugees.

They have expressed confusion about the implications of President Trump’s executive orders regarding immigration, Concern about whether they have simply escaped from one tyranny to another, and fear about whether the United States remains, in the poet Emma Lazarus’ words, remains [sic] a place that embraces “Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

The speakers at the press conference will provide personal and political testimonials about the consequences of president Donald Trump’s executive orders regarding immigration and the importance of embracing pluralism to the nation’s culture, Constitutional values, and economy. They will include:

  • Khizr Khan, Esq., Gold Star Families
  • Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director, International Rescue Committee
  • Rabbi Tom Gutherz, Congregation Beth Israel
  • Karim Ganena, Islamic Society of Central Virginia
  • Tracey Greene, Executive Director, Charlottesville Business Innovation Business Council [sic]
  • Other religious, civic, and community leaders

At the event, Mayor Signer will announce initiatives to:

  • Gather questions from Charlottesville’s Muslim and immigrant community on visa regarding the executive orders questions to demand answers from Virginia’s Congressional delegation [sic]
  • Join Cities for Action’s coalition of mayors demanding progress on immigration issues
  • Direct Charlottesville’s City Manager to advise City Council on becoming a Sanctuary City
  • Direct Charlottesville’s Human Rights Commission to address anti-Muslim bias.


12:00 noon
Charlottesville City Hall
605 E. Main Street
For details, contact:
Paige Rice,, (434) 970-3113

Infamous for his own illegal and contra-Constitutional, anti-speech tactics, Mayor Signer’s call for institutional lawlessness and mindless pluralism would be laughable were it not so serious a breach.

Signer clearly suffers from TDS and harbors delusions about bona fide threats to America posed by unvetted refugees and unfettered illegal immigration. His witless, unlawful actions will certainly put Charlottesville’s citizens in immediate and long-term financial, social, and personal jeopardy.

Liberals are Nasty People

I and many tens of thousands of decent people in America and in other nations are more than ever speaking out against the outrageous actions and words of Liberals in America and in other nations.

They have taken over the Democratic party, where any lie, and just about any act is considered ok as long as it is against President Trump or Republicans and conservatives. These people suggest ideas that are anti civil, anti American and  anti God daily. They are happiest when their acts bring chaos, rioting with arson, glass breaking, stones being hurled, policemen and innocent people being injured, and law breaking is in effect.

When in the Congressional chambers, they yell, blow whistles, and disrupt speeches, or as congressmen and women, they disrupt the progress and civility of our legislative process. The Democratic U.S. Senate members and Democratic House members, with only about one or possibly two members who show any signs of fairness, honesty or intentions to work for the country who sent them there and is paying their salary. They are stealing the taxpayers money, and not doing their sworn duty. They are Democrats, Liberals, Liars, and are basically nasty GODLESS people. No decent man or woman would act the way they do and support the thugs on the street destroying law and order, but they do this daily. So whether on the streets or in the Capitol, Liberals are NASTY people.

Week after week, month after month and year after year, they support and push for ideas that undermine what is good and decent. They support abortion. They support

OPEN BORDERS AND FINALLY THE WORLD IS SEEING THE HARM THAT ALLOWING IN PEOPLE WHO ARE PARASITES, CRIMINALS, DRUG USERS AND SELLERS, DISEASED OF THE BODY AND OR MIND OR BOTH, DESIROUS OF DESTROYING OTHER PEOPLES GOVERNMENTS, ECONOMIES AND CULTURES AND BRINGING NATIONS INTO RUIN. Europe has seen this painfully clear in Paris, France,  London England, Belgium and other nations plus here in America, from New York to Miami, Los Angles and other cities where foreign Born’s have killed Innocent American’s, all because of to much openness to foreigners who do not like America or it’s culture and beliefs.

Liberals march as militants, not as someone with a reasonable grievance, but as an enemy of our system. They aim to destroy, not to build.

For many years the American Democratic party has encouraged more and more evil dishonest nasty candidates to run for office, then they have used lies and all sorts of paid operatives by the thousands to go to places and to disrupt the city, lie about the opposition, to march and disrupt legal gatherings by the opposing candidates even using violence in these acts and the Democratic leadership not only has not gave voice of opposition to these things, no, they have encouraged it and still do. Even today, people are bused into cities where republican candidates are having rallies, and there they try to destroy the events. Rich Liberals in Hollywood and elsewhere give millions to the leaders of these Liberal armies to pay for the transportation, food, lodging, signs, bull horns, and salary of many of these people. The interesting thing is America, the citizens, are now finally seeing this and seeing the Democrats and the left wing miscreants for the Nasty people they are. America is seeing how wrong Obama’s open borders and no economic plans were and the cost in both lives and in money that practice was, and would still be happening if Liberal Hillary had of been elected, but the people saw through this, and rejected the Democrats and their left wing agendas. So today, one would think a reasonable Democratic party  would adjust their policy positions on Open Borders, on Sanctuary cities, on Abortion, on Black Lives Lies,  on anti police, on rioting and violence, on the need for Immigration vetting and more restrictions on who can come into our nation, on welfare programs, on workfare, on less illegal drugs not more legalization of drugs that lead to crime and addition to deadly drug use. One might think this, but not LIBERALS, REASONABLE is not anywhere within the Democratic party, they are not REASONABLE, logical, or smart.

Political observers have written thousands of pieces to demonstrate where the Left wing is wrong, and what changes the Democratic must make to be relevant, but evil is not a policy, it is a deep seeded attitude and way of thinking that cannot reverse itself without a lot of spiritual assistance. God can make this change in anyone who is desiring, but he gives us freewill, he will allow you to be evil, mean, and Liberal, if that is your desire, but it will lead to destruction of your your society and nation.

So, we who are not evil must reject those that are, and this will mean not by words only, sooner or later you, you will be faced with some form of evil in front of you or a family member, be strong, be honest, and do not back down, if you ask for Gods help, he will assist you as he see’s fit, so ask for it, and stand against evil, and vote against evil, and pray for the riddance of evil in your midst and in our country. Voting for Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists is voting for evil.


I want to add a couple of pieces I recently read, their are ten’s of thousands similar stories, and the Liberals are going backwards fast, and yet they are too stupid and evil to care.


Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., the de facto leader of the #Resistance to President Trump in Congress, is vowing to take Dr. Ben Carson apart.

Speaking at the Essence Festival – a gathering of black liberals – Waters said HUD Secretary Ben Carson “doesn’t care about people in public housing.” “He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault,” the California Democrat added. Waters promised to “take his ass apart” when he testifies before the House Financial Services Committee.

“Auntie Maxine” has been calling for the impeachment of President Trump. She hates the president and independent-thinking blacks like Ben Carson.

Waters is angry at Carson over his recent remarks about the root cause of poverty in the U.S. In an interview, Carson said that a “certain mindset” contributes to people living in poverty, pointing to habits and a “state of mind” that children take from their parents at a young age.

“I think poverty, to a large extent, is also a state of mind. You take somebody that has the right mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there,” he said during an interview on SiriusXM Radio.

“And you take somebody with the wrong mindset, you can give them everything in the world, they’ll work their way right back down to the bottom,” Carson said.

Ben Carson is right!

Black Americans are worse off today than they were under Jim Crow. In 1950, the marriage rate for whites and blacks were roughly the same, 67 percent and 64 percent, respectively. Blacks were moral, they owned businesses, and they weren’t as angry at whites as they are today.

Maxine Waters has been a career politician for the past 40 years. She lives in a $4.3-million home in a predominantly white neighborhood. But she wants her black constituents to remain in the projects.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Dr. Carson is a self-made, highly accomplished neurosurgeon. A working-class, single mother in Detroit raised him; he knows what it takes to succeed it in this country.

Waters attacked Carson at a black festival in New Orleans – a city plagued with intractable crime and poverty – because he is a member of President Trump’s cabinet and he seeks to improve the condition of inner-city blacks.

Just how bad is crime in New Orleans? Murders are up by 41 percent from last year. Per capita, New Orleans has had more killings than Chicago.

So what is the mayor doing about the crime problem? Not much. Democrat Mayor Mitch Landrieu has been preoccupied, calling for the removal of Confederate monuments. Now, Landrieu wants to shift his focus from crime to fighting the effects of “climate change” and “resisting” Donald Trump.

Mitch Landrieu and Maxine Waters don’t care about blacks.

Liberal social engineering broke up black families, and it has fueled the increase in crime, poverty and blacks’ dependence on government. Now, the very people who created the problems in black America want to “resist” President Trump and those who offer real solutions to help them.

Liberals don’t want blacks to become independent. They want them to remain reliant on crumbs they receive from the government. They want to take from successful whites and “spread the wealth” to those who don’t deserve it.

Today, more than 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock. As a result, angry single, black females are raising black children. There is no respect for authority, and they don’t value life whatsoever.

Recently in Chicago, more than 100 people (mostly black) were shot, and 15 people died over the Fourth of July weekend. A shooting at a black nightclub in Little Rock, Arkansas, injured 28 people. NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was fatally shot by a black ex-con with a vendetta against police officers.

Like Mayor Landrieu, left-wing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks climate change is a top priority. While NYPD officers are being executed, Bill de Blasio attended anti-capitalist protests at the G-20 summit in Germany.

The Trump administration is trying to reverse 50 years of dependency, while Maxine Waters and others on the left are only interested in power, wealth and self-aggrandizement.

In an attempt to root out waste and make the agency more responsive to the needs of citizens, the Trump administration has proposed $6.2 billion in cuts to HUD funding for fiscal 2018. The proposal puts increased responsibility on state and local governments and calls for the private sector to do more to meet community needs, a key goal of HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

This is the perfect time for our nation to have honest discussions and put forth real solutions to fix the problems that plague inner cities. To help blacks and change the urban areas, we must first focus on rebuilding families.

President Trump is committed to fixing the problem, as is Dr. Carson. Let Maxine Waters and the left “resist,” while we the people support the president and his team in their effort to Make America Great again.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Media wishing to interview Jesse Lee Peterson, please contact



Evidence liberals hate people
Exclusive: Erik Rush reviews history of the left’s misanthropy, projection


Considering the extent to which the political left kvetched well into Barack Obama’s presidency on the topic of George W. Bush having ruined America, some commentators find ourselves a bit reticent to do likewise regarding Obama and the state in which our nation now finds itself despite the fact that the ex-president richly deserves such criticism, and then some.

That said, it does occur to me that the monumental exertions being put forth on the part of the establishment press and liberal politicos toward derailing Donald Trump’s presidency would have been more appropriately applied to the high crimes committed by the Obama administration. Indeed, they would not have needed to engage in all of the futile excavation in which they now engage in order to find some nefarious tidbit with which to oust Trump, since Obama’s offenses were legion.

Additionally, the level of the left’s projection – accusing political opponents of transgressions of which they are themselves guilty – has reached an all-time high in recent months. In a way, the calumnies against Trump and dogged persistence in trying to bring him down are aspects of the aforementioned projection, but the left’s proclivity toward all of the distasteful practices of which they accuse Trump and the political right are far more telling in this regard.

Every now and then, a prominent liberal articulates something so damning and precisely illustrative of their twisted vision that one wonders how they let it pass their lips. Well, liberals aren’t known for being terribly reflective or judicious with regard to their rhetoric, and the last few months of advocating violence against political opponents is indicative of this.

Last Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher stated on his cable TV show that refraining from having children was the best thing a person could do for the environment. “Because you know what Mother Nature loves even more than electric cars?” Maher asked. “Condoms. There’s literally nothing you can do that’s better for the environment than to not produce another resource-sucking, waste-making human being, probably with a bad attitude.”

Well, I for one am delighted that Maher himself decided to put his money where his mouth is (or put his reproductive concerns where his mouth is) and elected not to reproduce, but the point is that his statements reveal the deep misanthropy most liberals appear to possess.

Despite their mantra of love, tolerance and egalitarianism, liberals hate people. Indeed, many of the deceptions liberal politicians, pundits and activists foist upon their followers are employed based upon the premise that the latter are so abysmally stupid that they’ll never detect these deceptions. This sweeping judgment obviously evidences a low opinion of people that is antithetical to their supposed creed of love, tolerance and egalitarianism.

While eternally pessimistic leftists such as Maher would inevitably find people, places and things with which they could find offense no matter how “Utopian” they managed to make society, they still envision themselves finding peace and contentment in a world wherein their political opponents were either completely disenfranchised or had somehow magically departed from this plane of existence. Given their maturity and intellectual bent, one may presume that these enemies would either ride off on unicorns, slide into oblivion on the handiest rainbow, or wind up abducted in the night by wee dark faeries.

Christians might find that this philosophy rings rather Luciferian in context. Judeo-Christian convention states that the devil was jealous of humanity’s position in the eyes of God and so eternally seeks to corrupt and destroy human beings. This is quite in keeping with liberals’ misanthropy, as well as their desire to advance absolutely anything that is antithetical to Judeo-Christian doctrine.

Liberals demonstrate their disdain for humanity primarily through the environmental movement, wherein the very presence of human beings on the planet is viewed as a vile plague. This is readily exemplified in the rhetoric environmentalists typically employ. Bill Maher’s reference to people as “resource-sucking” and “waste-making” denotes this quite effectively.

This is also consistent with how the political left perennially advances morbidity, or aspects of death. Unfettered abortion, assisted suicide and substandard health care are among these. Enabling the mayhem in which Islamists, illegal immigrants and even common criminals engage is another. Finally, two weeks ago at a baseball practice in Virginia, we witnessed that to which leftists have always defaulted at some point during their political ascendency: outright murder (attempted murder, in this case). The political left’s position regarding the death penalty (they’re against it) has much more to do with their disdain for the law than any concern for the sanctity of life.

As I’ve said before and will no doubt say again: Leftists murdered, maimed and enslaved half a billion people during the last century. This demonstrates not only their innate disregard for human life, but the phenomenon of projection in their ceaseless accusations that those on the political right in America are inherently violent. The empirical evidence however, speaks for itself.

Media wishing to interview Erik Rush, please contact

Liberals are mean and nasty

Yes,I do understand that everyone does not think alike. Or like the same music, books, religions, Liberals for instance, as a group are NASTY, BELIGERANT,  VUlGAR, MEAN,  AND APPARENTLY THIS IS BY DESIGN.

Human beings brought up in a decent environment are not trained up to be mean to each other, or to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction from the norm.

YET, most liberals are exactly this way.


The conservatives march or protest in a peaceful manner, non violent, nothing is set ablaze or destroyed , no attacks on the police? No windows broken out and no buildings destroyed, rarely is anyone injured.

Contrast this with the Liberal protest, attacks on the police and others with rocks, bricks, setting fire to cars, setting fire to buildings, harming policemen and bystanders, just vile nasty violence.


While one would think, being civil and decent is how one should be, the Liberal, the typical Democrat, the Left wing person knows the truth, but spreads the lie.

They are wrong, they want what the rest of free America has, decency, success, happiness and to be on the side where God is, but through their drugs, their meanness, their homosexuality, their weirdness , their fatness, their uncleaness, they do not have what decent people have, happiness, contentment, knowing we are siding with good not evil.








The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts, Liberals and their Unfair Attacks on our Southern Ancestors, America and God.

America has been clearly made aware these past 8 or more years, of the clear and irrefutable fact, that the Marxist, left wing liberals will destroy our nation, unlawful act by unlawful act, as the former corrupt president Obama and his Liberal administration and liberal democrats in the House, the Senate, the 4 liberals on the Supreme court of the United states try to accomplish this day after day. This all started in he late 1850’s, when  more and more Northern American Liberals used their slimy corrupt minds to gain control of out government and to slowly squeeze out the good in America. The much more christian South and it’s people, quietly tried to co-exist, and to deal with the corruption, just as many Americans are doing under Liberalism. The media today, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and the most dishonest of them, corrupt CNN, are all in on the Democratic Liberal agenda, and they not only will will not report the news honestly, but MAKE UP FALSE NEWS STORIES THAT ARE TOTALLY UNTRUE, they covered up for Obama, refusing to provide news stories that show the Left in a bad but truthful light. They protect the anti – Trump Liberals, and leave the viewers with a phony picture of what is really happening. The democrats have been giving away billions to gain new black and Hispanic votes. They did not close the border in fear of loosing the votes for those Hispanics already here, and want more to come, even though it will destroy our nation eventually.

Most American citizens have been ignorant of the facts, and have been happy being that way, but thank GOD, they are fast awakening.  These same issues include the ignorance of their knowledge of past American history. They believe the South started the war, they believe it was simply only about slavery, and that the South and Southern people are racists and bigots and so the Political Correct leftist Marxist as they get hired and take charge of our schools, Museums, industry,  Corporations and the local, state and Federal government’s,  they will and do attack all Confederate and all Southern symbols and groups to hopefully erase our culture and the portion of American history they are ashamed of as they attacked Southern people and committed murder and other crimes against us. THIS IS BEING OPPOSED, AS WE ARE FED UP WITH LIBERALS.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a well intended place to come and view ART, but has been transformed into a center of Liberals. The very land the Museum sits on was land that up until 1941 had been the location where a hospital, homes, and facilities that took care of Confederate Veterans in their old age. It was transferred over to the state of Virginia with stipulations that many have been ignored. The old Confederate ” Pelham ” Chapel remains on the grounds, behind what was later constructed with taxpayer money, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It is not led by a board of Trustees that has became infected with Liberals and Northern non Virginia people who are anti- Southern history, as the truth clearly demonstrates a Federal Government under Lincoln who wanted a Central Government and used slavery as a reason to invade the South, but the Liberal’s today do not want this history to exist, so across America they make decisions to denie the flying of the Confederate flag wherever they can, they try to have memorials, statutes, and the names of Confederate icons removed from existence so as to end the narrative on the war, the war they know that was barbaric and inhumane and led by the Lincoln administration against all Southern people, both non combatant civilians as well as the Confederate military. Yes this beautiful tax payer created museum exempts me as the Museum leaders have demonstrated a total hatred for the Southern history, the Confederate soldier, the truth, is not allowed to be demonstrated in any fashion.  Some 8 or so years ago they had the Confederate flags removed and banned from the CONFEDERATE CHAPEL. You say what chapel, Yes, The CONFEDERATE CHAPEL. A chapel built with private donations, not state taxpayer money. As these Liberals tout how they are Inclusive of all, Diverse in thought, Open to differences in culture and ideas, opinions and such, THEY THEN REVERSE ALL THIS AND SAY, NO CONFEDERATE FLAGS ON THE CONFEDERATE CHAPEL, AND NO CONFEDERATE FLAGS ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THIS MUSEUM PROPERTY OWNED BY THE TAXPAYERS. I feel unhappy to be near this place where I have to paint them in the evil dark light they occupy.  The leadership at the  museum is guilty of anti American acts, Unfair acts, un-christian acts, as they condone and assist the Liberals in their takeover and destruction of America.

CNN, The Liberal TV News Media outlet has been caught clearly telling lie’s to make up the TRUMP-RUSSIA story.  CNN simply has lied about this totally made up issue, as they are Liberals, and Liberal’s are Godless and are working for GOD’s enemy, SATAN. Oh, I know that those of you who do not have any real connection or relationship with GOD will think that I am some weirdo nut job, but no my friend, the lost man and woman know not what they do. They are inspired by Satan to do all they can to oppose good.

You see, after the 8 long year decline in America l;ed by the lost, liar in chief Barry Obama and his administration of rotten low life’s, Americans woke up and elected a man who they could not buy. President Donald Trump is ending illegal immigration, the single most harmful thing that has been happening to undermine America culturally, economically and criminally. From stealing American benefits created for American citizens, to drug transportation, job stealing, and high crime, they have sucked America’s blood out as a parasite does to a small animal. But President Trump is reversing this, as well as many left wing liberal practices. He is restoring the American economy by reversing the liberal EPA over-regulations, Executive orders that have been created by Obama to hurt America, undoing the destruction of our military, and strengthening America in every way including the support of our law enforcement across America.


Today America is going in a new direction, FINALLY, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, but the Liberal’s, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times, and so left wing groups are busy fabricating false anti -Trump news to try and subvert support from his efforts, but IT HAS FAILED, AS IT IS NOW CLEAR FOR ALL THE SEE, IT IS LIE’S, AND AMERICANS NOW KNOW THE LIBERAL LEFT WING DEMOCRATS ARE DIRECTLY BEHIND IT ALL.

So, as far as The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts, it should be called a LIBERALS MUSEUM, PART OF THE LEFT WING EFFORT TO DESTROY AMERICA.

Virginians, Richmonder’s, I urge that you avoid this place, do not support it, stay away from it, and tell all that this place  is anti- Southern Heritage, they hate your Confederate Ancestor and all that he did to defend Virginia and the South against the Lincoln ordered INVASION OF VIRGINIA AND THE SOUTHERN STATES.




I have added a story written by Mr. Michael T. Griffith in 2005, it covers some of these things I am referring to.


A Response to Attacks on Confederate Symbols and History

Michael T. Griffith


@All Rights Reserved

Third Edition

Recently I read with disappointment about the changing of the name of Vanderbilt University’s Confederate Memorial Hall on the grounds that the name “Confederate” is a reminder of slavery and racism. As an American whose ancestors fought in the Confederate army, and as someone who is proud of his Southern heritage, I am increasingly saddened by the drive to portray any symbol, word, or historical figure associated with the Confederacy as evil and hateful.

I should add that I also say this as someone who has long supported affirmative action and minority set-asides, and as someone who maintains a Web page to educate the public about the abuse that many African Americans have suffered during much of our nation’s history. I also say this as someone who has been active in my community to oppose police mistreatment of African Americans.

I’m an American who’s proud of his nation and its heritage, but that doesn’t mean I have to defend everything my country has said or done. For example, I regret the way the federal government, and especially the federal army, treated the American Indians for decades in the nineteenth century. Similarly, I’m proud of my Southern heritage and of my Confederate ancestors, but I don’t have to defend everything every Confederate leader said or did.

When judged fairly and in the context of the 19th century, Confederate symbols are no more reminders of hate or racism than is the Stars and Stripes. Slavery existed for much longer under the Stars and Stripes than under the Confederate flag. Our original U.S. Constitution permitted slavery, mandated the return of fugitive slaves, protected the slave trade for 20 years, and only recognized African Americans as counting for three-fifths of white men for the purpose of determining congressional representation.

It was precisely because of these facts that some early anti-slavery leaders denounced the Constitution, spurned the American flag, and even burned the Constitution in public. One leading abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison, urged the state of Massachusetts to secede from the Union. Garrison called the Constitution “an agreement with hell.” Garrison wanted no part of America, her constitution, or her flag.

What do we say to militant American Indians who don’t like the American flag because to them it’s a symbol of racism, broken promises and outright genocide? Certainly one can understand their feelings, but one would also hope they would be able to see the good our flag represents.

Or how about the atrocious wage slavery and child labor that existed in the Northern states, before, during and long after the Civil War? Even some Northern observers noted that many Northern factory workers were treated so badly that they were materially worse off than most plantation slaves in the South. The North had its fair share of social injustices. Yet, who in our day would seriously suggest that the Stars and Stripes is a symbol of wage slavery and child labor, even though those things existed for a long time under that flag?

Using the reasoning that is employed by opponents of Confederate symbols and history, one would have to call for the removal of the U.S. flag from all official buildings and property. One would also have to call for a ban on naming buildings and roads after such famous Union figures as William Tecumseh Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant, both of whom were racists and one of whom (Grant) used slave labor.

For that matter, Abraham Lincoln himself held decidedly racist views about African Americans. He even supported efforts to colonize them in foreign lands. Furthermore, during the war Lincoln repeatedly resisted the demand of the “Radical Republicans” (as they were commonly called) that he turn the war into a war against slavery. He resisted this demand partly because slavery was still protected by the Constitution and because four of the Union states were slave states. Lincoln only issued the Emancipation Proclamation under intense pressure from the Radical Republicans and only as a war measure that was designed to weaken the Confederacy. Lincoln didn’t seriously consider issuing the proclamation until federal forces were struggling on the battlefield. Lincoln told a former Congressman that one reason he issued the proclamation was that he feared that if he didn’t issue some kind of emancipation statement, abolitionists in Congress were going to cut funding for military supplies. In addition, when Lincoln wrote the proclamation, he excluded all slaves who lived in areas that were under federal control; the proclamation only applied to slaves who were in Confederate territory. Northern abolitionists hoped the proclamation would lead to a slave revolt that would cripple the Confederacy. Shortly before the war began, Lincoln supported a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made it permanently impossible for the federal government to abolish slavery. Because of these and other facts, even a few African-American scholars are critical of Lincoln. For example, African-American author Lerone Bennett, an editor for Ebony magazine, says, “There has been a systematic attempt to keep the American public from knowing the real Lincoln and the depth of his commitment to white supremacy.” Bennett strongly criticizes Lincoln’s record on race and slavery in his book Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream (Chicago: Johnson Publishing Company, 2000).

Many people aren’t aware that four of the states that fought for the Union were slave states. In addition, four of the states that joined the Confederacy did not take part in the first wave of secession; they didn’t leave the Union because of slavery but because they strongly objected to Lincoln’s decision to use force against the seceded states. Those states–Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas and North Carolina–initially rejected secession. They only seceded after Lincoln made it clear he was going to use force to compel the Deep South states to rejoin the Union.

What about the first seven Southern states to secede, i.e., the Deep South states? Did they secede only to preserve slavery? Did they put up such a fierce fight simply because they wanted to keep their slaves? The vast majority of the soldiers in the Confederate army were not slaveowners. At least 69 percent of Southern whites did not own slaves (and the figure was quite possibly closer to 85 or 90 percent). So why did Confederate soldiers fight so heroically against larger, better-fed, and better-equipped forces? Why did most Southern civilians support the Confederate cause? And why, in the first elections after the war, with the slaves freed and much of the South in ruins, did Southern voters elect former Confederates in truly overwhelming numbers? The answer is clear: Because the Deep South didn’t secede, and didn’t fight, merely to preserve slavery. Although slavery was the chief factor that led the Deep South to secede, it was by no means the only factor. The Deep South feared that the Republicans, especially the Radical Republicans, would seek to abolish slavery through illegal means and without compensation. There were several other important reasons that the Deep South decided to separate from the Union. Secession and the war were two different events anyway—the causes of the one were not the causes of the other. Most Southerners expected that Northern leaders would allow the South to leave in peace. The vast majority of Southerners, both in the Deep South and in the Upper South, believed they were fighting to resist aggression and to preserve their independence.

It’s important to note, furthermore, that the main dispute over slavery involved the extension of slavery into the western territories, not the continuation of slavery where it already existed. Most Republicans were not opposed to the continuation of slavery in those states where it was already established. Indeed, Lincoln’s cabinet was dominated by men who had no interest in disturbing slavery where it already existed. Lincoln himself not only shared this view but supported a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made it permanently impossible for the federal government to abolish slavery.

The direct, immediate cause of the Civil War was Lincoln’s refusal to allow the South to go in peace. If Lincoln had not decided to invade the South in order to crush Southern independence, there would have been no war. In one famous exchange between a captured Confederate soldier and Union troops, the Union soldiers asked their prisoner if he was a slaveowner. He answered that he wasn’t, and that in fact he was rather poor. “Then why are you fighting for the Confederacy?”, they asked him. “Because you’re here,” he replied. Civil War scholar Francis Springer put it this way:

For stark truth, the so-called “Civil War” ought to be called “The War for the Destruction of the South.” It was as much a war for destruction as any war that was ever fought on this or on any other continent. It is surprising, nevertheless, how often the question is asked, “What was the South fighting for anyway?” and the usual answers are just as surprisingly vague and involved. The real answer is quite simple. The South was fighting because it was invaded. (Francis Springer, War for What?, Springfield, Tennessee: Nippert Publishing, 1990, reprint, p. 132)

Few people know that some Confederate leaders believed slavery was wrong and that many Southerners supported emancipation. Even fewer people know that key Confederate leaders were prepared to abolish slavery. General Robert E. Lee, the Confederacy’s leading general, early on urged the abolition of slavery and said slavery was “a moral and political evil” years before the war. General Joseph E. Johnston, the second highest ranking general in the Confederacy, disliked slavery and often called it a “curse.” Another famous Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson, wanted to see all the slaves freed and was known for the kind, respectful way he treated people of color. Confederate general Patrick Cleburne advocated emancipation for all slaves who would enlist in the Confederate army, and twelve Confederate brigade and regimental commanders supported this proposal, including General Daniel Govan, General John H. Kelly, and General Marc Lowrey. Several Southern governors also supported emancipation for slaves who served as Confederate soldiers. Governor William Smith of Virginia, Governor Joseph Brown of Georgia, Governor Milledge Bonham of South Carolina, Governor Charles Clark of Mississippi, and Governor Zebulon Vance of North Carolina endorsed a resolution calling for emancipation for all slaves who served faithfully in the Confederate army. Duncan Kenner, a prominent member of the Confederate Congress and one of the South’s largest slaveowners, supported abolition very early in the war. Also, as early as 1862, the Confederate Secretary of State, Judah Benjamin, proposed abolishing slavery in exchange for European diplomatic recognition. Two years later, in 1864, President Jefferson Davis and other Confederate leaders were prepared to abolish slavery to gain European diplomatic recognition in order to save the Confederacy. I think these facts are important because they show that independence was more important to top Confederate leaders than the continuation of slavery.

As Americans we rightly repudiate the bad things that have been done under our flag. We emphasize the good in our heritage and symbols. Similarly, those who are proud of their Confederate ancestors should be allowed to repudiate the negative aspects of their heritage and symbols and to focus on the good thereof. Confederate symbols, names, and historical figures do not necessarily have to remind anyone of slavery, especially since the vast majority of Southerners did not own slaves, since four of the eleven Confederate states did not secede over slavery, and since Confederate leaders were prepared to abolish slavery in order to achieve Southern independence. To many Southerners, Confederate symbols and names bring to mind such noble principles as limited government, courage, sacrifice, honor, loyalty, freedom, the rule of law, democratic government, a Jeffersonian respect for state sovereignty, and faith in God.

I understand this is a sensitive issue for some people. It’s also a sensitive issue for those whose ancestors fought in the Confederate army. It’s also a sensitive issue for those who are offended by the unceasing, unfair efforts to demonize everything associated with Confederate heritage.

The Confederacy was a democratic nation. Throughout the war, the South had a vigorous free press. The Confederacy held free and fair elections during the war. Confederate postage stamps included the images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. The Confederate seal featured George Washington. After all, Confederate citizens were still Americans; indeed, the official name of their new nation was the Confederate States of America. They believed they were preserving the true principles of American constitutional government that the founding fathers had established, such as limited government, states rights, low taxation, and the rule of law. They also believed, and with some justification, that the North was increasingly rejecting these principles. The Confederate Constitution was closely patterned after the U.S. Constitution, and it included modifications that even some Northern commentators conceded were improvements that made government more responsible and more accountable to the people. Yes, the Confederacy permitted slavery. So did the U.S. Constitution. So did four of the states that fought for the Union, and for decades New England slave traders made fabulous fortunes selling slaves to the South, Brazil, Cuba, and the West Indies. In addition, it’s often overlooked that the Confederate Constitution permitted the admission of free states to the Confederacy, banned the African slave trade, and allowed Confederate states to abolish slavery within their borders. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, some Confederate leaders opposed slavery and were willing to abolish it. The Confederate Constitution mandated free trade and made it very hard for the government to raise taxes on its citizens. It forbade the general government from getting involved in welfare and from using taxpayer money for “internal improvements” (i.e., public works projects and corporate welfare). It also made it easier for the president to block wasteful spending by permitting him to use a line-item veto. Confederate citizens enjoyed all the rights that we enjoy today, if not more.

Finally, it needs to be observed that the Confederacy did not engage in rebellion or insurrection against the federal government. Secession is not the same thing as rebellion or insurrection, and it’s certainly not treason. Only if one defines “rebellion” solely as resistance to aggression and invasion can one say the Confederacy engaged in rebellion. Thomas Jefferson recognized the right of a state to leave the Union in peace, even if he didn’t agree with the state’s reason for leaving. The state of Massachusetts threatened to secede in the early 1800s, and its leaders obviously believed they had the right to do so. President John Quincy Adams likewise believed a state had the right to secede. So did President John Tyler. So did the great constitutional scholar William Rawle, who was appointed as U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania by George Washington, and whose book A View of the Constitution was adopted as a textbook at West Point and at other institutions. So did another early American legal giant, George Tucker. When the U.S. Constitution was ratified, three of the states specified in their ratification ordinances that their citizens retained the right to resume the powers of government if they felt the need to do so. Virginia cited this fact in its ordinance of secession.

The Southern states attempted to leave the Union peacefully. In fact, before the war began, most Southerners believed secession would be a peaceful process. The Southern states seceded in a peaceful, democratic manner, with the overwhelming support of their citizens. One of the first acts of the Confederate government was to send commissioners to Washington, D.C., in an effort to establish peaceful relations with the North. The Confederacy was prepared to pay compensation for all federal installations within its borders, to pay for the Southern states’ fair share of the national debt, and to allow Northern ships to continue to use the Mississippi River. The Confederacy neither attempted nor desired to overthrow the federal government. It wanted to be left alone and to live in peace with the North. Even after the confrontation at Fort Sumter, which Lincoln later admitted he provoked, the Confederacy expressed its desire for peace.


Michael T. Griffith holds a Master’s degree in Theology from The Catholic Distance University, a Graduate Certificate in Ancient and Classical History from American Military University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College, two Associate in Applied Science degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and an Advanced Certificate of Civil War Studies and a Certificate of Civil War Studies from Carroll College. He is a two-time graduate in Arabic and Hebrew of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, and of the U.S. Air Force Technical Training School in San Angelo, Texas. He is the author of four books on Mormonism and ancient texts, and of one book on the John F. Kennedy assassination. He has completed advanced Hebrew programs at Haifa University in Israel and at the Spiro Institute in London, England.

Mike Griffith’s Civil War website

Please honor your Confederate Ancestor – Proudly Fly The Flag


If you are one of the estimated 70 million American citizens who are descendants of a Confederate Soldier or sailor, or simply a citizen who knows American history and therefor knows that the creation of the Confederate States Army and Navy was for defensive use only, then I want to speak to speak to you. Many do not seem to understand that the Confederate States Army-Navy was in place to overthrow no one. It was never part of any movement to take land from other states in the Union, or to topple any government. It was formed for only one reason, to defend the 12 Southern States and their citizens against the unheard of act where President Abraham Lincoln sent 75,000 troops against South Carolina.

Virginia would not allow it’s state to be used by this invading army, and stopped the Federals at Mananas, Virginia in 1861. From that time on through the next for years, the Federal armies moved against the Southern people, AMERICAN CITIZENS, PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME, TO BE ROBBED, TO HAVE OUR FARMS AND HOMES RANSACKED AND BURNED DOWN, OUR LIVESTOCK STOLEN, OUR VALUABLES STOLEN, , MANY OF OUR WOMEN RAPED, M,ANY OF OUR NON COMBATANT, NON MILITARY CITIZENS MAIMED AND KILLED, BY LINCOLNS INVADERS ACROSS THE SOUTH.

So I am today PROUD, VERY PROUD, of General Robert Edward Lee, a christian man who loved GOD, who was kind and very decent and a man of extreme character who led the Army Of Northern Virginia in it’s defense against this invasion. This army created and used the Confederate Battle Flag as a means of troop locations in the smoky, dusty environments of movements of large numbers of men, horses, wagons, cannon and musketry fire so as to tell where these units were so as to know how to position them, and also not to fire on the wrong troops.

Today, this would not be possible, as back then it was totally dishonorable to use the flag of the enemy to misidentify your army.

So, to own and to fly the Confederate Battle Flag is to show respect and honor to Robert E. Lee and all the officers and men who bravely and honorable served to save their families and homelands from the invaders.

Please give consideration to purchasing a 25-35 ft. flag pole or just a pipe will do, and a 4′ X 6′ or larger Confederate Battle flag and then to fly it. If you fly it at night, have a light on it. When id fades or becomes torn in 4-6 months, replace it with a new flag, respect is paramount. I also will say, if you are an American, also do the very same thing and fly an American flag. If the two flags are to be on the same flagpole, the American flag must be at the top, the Confederate Flag below, this is America, and we may be descendants of Southern soldiers, but we also are descendants of American Soldiers.

Please Do not use these flags in any disrespectful or unlawful act, they are not representatives of dishonor or hate or lawlessness, but represent bravery, Independence and freedom.

Confederate Flag Can’t Be Removed From Lawn Of Ice Cream Shop

Well, here is an interesting dilemma facing the owner of an Ice Cream shop.

Confederate flag can’t be removed from lawn of ice cream shop, despite owner’s wishes
Published June 26, 2017
Fox News

” A South Carolina restaurant owner says he cannot remove the Confederate flag that flies over his establishment, even though he desperately wants to.

Tommy Daras, who owns Edisto River Creamery ice cream shop in Orangeburg, S.C., wants to remove the flag in a town that is more than 75 percent African American, but claims he cannot because the property’s former owner sold the land surrounding the flagpole to a Confederate Veterans rights group who refuses to remove it, according to Fox 8.

“That flag needs to be moved and if there’s any possible way that I can do it, it’s going to be done,” Daras said. “Right now, we’re gridlocked.”

Daras bought the establishment in 2015 from the family of Maurice Bessinger’s family, a politician and restaurateur who owned Maurice’s Piggie Park, a barbecue restaurant chain.

During his life, Bessinger was critical of the Civil Rights Act and called Brown v. Board of Education — the 1954 Supreme Court case that ended race-based segregation in American public and private schools — a “really bad” decision.

“I raised the flag out here on the flagpole to protest the taking down of our heritage flag,” Bessinger said in 2000.

Bessinger died in 2014, but wrote that the flags that fly outside of his establishments “will stay.”

“I will fight on because this is what God wants me to do,” he added.

Before his death, Bessinger sold the small section of land that surrounds the flagpole to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 842.

“And we’ve been trying ever since to … honor the Confederate soldier,” Buzz Braxton, commander and member of the group, said. “He put it in the hands of people that he trusted because he loved his Confederate ancestors and his Confederate history just like we do. So, there was nothing sinister.”

However, Daras said the flag needs to be removed, especially following a 2015 mass shooting in which a young white man, Dylann Roof, opened fire and killed nine black parishioners inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black church in Charleston, S.C. (Pictures found after the assault showed Roof posing with the Confederate flag.)

“From that day forward, all hell broke loose for me,” Daras said. “My windows were broken out, my phone was ringing off the hook, my employees were harassed. I was fist-fighting with people in the parking lot. Everyone in town assumed it was my property because it looks like it’s attached to this building.”


The Sons of Confederate Veterans said there is no way they will remove the flag. ”

The above was copied and pasted from a recent online from a FOX NEW’S article.

Now, I certainly agree with the Son’s Of Confederate Veterans, who are both exercising their rights as the ” LAND OWNER ” and ” Following the wishes of the man who donated the land to them.”



So you see, we could add on reason after reason, and it would never end. Try this on for size, people on drugs and or alcohol and or mentally ill and or evil, do these things, NO FLAG HAS EVER BY ITSELF HARMED ANYONE, EVER.

So, get reasonable, and honest Mr. Daras, I am sure you get harassed by many of your black customers, they are at fault for doing this, and I am not happy, but enlightened again how blacks react, how the public reacts and uses the wrong reasons for issues like this. An American citizen, a man who owned the property, in the U.S.A. and decided to fly a Confederate flag because he had/has the FREEDOM to do so, is now being made to look like a criminal low life when he is none of those things.

So to the Sons Of Confederate Veterans CAMP 842, I Salute you and ask that you stand your ground and keep the colors waving on the John C. Calhoun Highway.

Liberals and their hatred

The recent shooting of the several congressmen in Virginia by a Liberal mean Evil anti Republican, anti Conservative Liberal man has resulted in the public demonstration of HATE like never before in modern America.

I have previously noted the now well documented cases of Kathy Griffins suggestive decapitation of President Donald Trump, or the now discusting play ” Shakesphere in the Park ” ? Or Madonnas statement ” I think it is time to burn the Whitehouse Down ” or the Democrat in Nebraska saying he wished ” That Congrrssman Scalise should have ” died” and so called Trinity College Professor Eddie Williams  saying ” Kill them all ” referring to Republicans and conservatives.  Now at the University of Delaware we have Kathleen Dettwyler  saying Otto Warmbier got what he deserved on North Korea.

Democrats, and liberals feel so angry that the American people have rejected their nasty liberal failed policies and lies, and are finally awakened to lying Hillary, incompetent liar Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi who stands before God and the American public, just as Hillary has done in critizing non liberals as those who assist the RICH, and Pelosi has a NETWORTH OF MOTE THAN $ 130,000,000.00 that is 130 million dollars, Hillary has stolen and bribed an amount some say is more than $60,000,000.00 and let me say that is being RICH.

Liberals have no shame, they LIE as it is their very nature to get whatever they want. They oppose the truth and fairness in their scheming to do evil. They HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BRIBE HIM, OR BLACK MAIL HIM OR TO CONTROL HIM.



This public hatred is so damaging and wrong for any civilized people, and yet very little outcry is coming from the Leadership as so many of them are complacent and contribute to the hatred.

Chick Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, the democratic leaders in congress, Tom Perez and his predecessor Debbie Wasserman Schultz are mich to blame as they are hate mongers at the top of the Democratic Party leadership.

I boiled name hundreds and likely thousands of similar nasty democracy’s across America who are dividing our citizens by their evil actions and words.

U. S. Senators, Congresspeople, state Governors and legislature members, and down to Yellow Bellied rotten mean attempted assisasson bushwhacker James Hodgkinson Madonna, Kathy Griffin, prof. Williams, Prof. Dettwyler and most liberals regardless of state, city, or region of America, they are being influenced by Satan as Evil attacks good.


it is time for all good people to speak out against this hatred, stop electing liberals, stop making them school board members, teachers, town council members, mayors, district attorneys, preachers, policemen, judges, professors, senators, governors, congressmen, president and all other positions of authority.

Vote for civil, honest conservative or moderate candidates. We must bring civility back to our nation.

SO, please speak out, write editorials opposing this rotten stuff, and get up to date on National and local issues, but choose your source of news carefully, Fox is the only TV need close yo the truth. The others LIE, with old negative rotten actions by the left, and do not show news stories that demonstrate the good things our president is doing and has done, they only oppose him and support liberal issues.